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Channukah Coin Jewelery

Amen Peace Necklace Menorah Pendent Featuring the Half Pound Collector's Coin of Israel The menorah shines with the power of miraclesSo too, we shine, when we are true to our inner lightLet's stand strong and believe all that's goodSo that the miracles can flow into our lives! To save 20% on this piece and other jewelry, just put "Chanukah" in the discount section before purchase. Discount available now until January 8, 2018. Happy Channukah!

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Home Blessing Traditions From Around The World

One's home is a special place that holds their energy, hopes, fears and dreams. Moving into a new home represents a new start. People from all over the world have various traditions for blessing their homes. Here is a summary of their different practices:Hindu Culture:There is a Hindu tradition to boil milk in pot on high, in a new home. The milk boils over the sides of the pot to signify economic prosperity for the new household. What's left of the milk is offered up to the gods and served to guests with sugar added.Thailand:Thai culture blesses the home with a Khuan Ban...

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Mezuzahs and Passover

Hi beautiful friend,As Passover nears, we start cleaning out our homes. Spring is in the air, and it's time to dust out the corners of our hearts and start fresh. The miracle of Passover is focused on the fact that the angel of death passed over our homes, in merit of the lamb's blood that we speared on our mezuzot (doorposts). So as we clean out our homes and hearts, it's important to check our doorposts and make sure we're representing our unique role in Jewish heritage with beautiful mezuzahs.  I craft all my mezuzahs with unique Israeli coins and intentional symbols that are...

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Love Themed Jewelry

Hi lovers of life and all it's magic! Valentine's Day is just around the corner...I love love: the beauty, care and deep connection that comes from two souls fusing together and sharing deep passion.Many of my jewelry pieces and collections celebrate love."The Couple" collection features  the silhouette of a couple. Tapping into this energy of partnership can help us achieve our dreams, because with love anything is possible.  "Sharing" Collection  The "Sharing" Collection. The couple and the umbrella teach us a simple truth: life is better when we help one another. A famous Hebrew song tells the story of two people caught in a...

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The Hamsa Symbol Across Different Cultures

As we start the new year with hopes for peace and unity, it's important to find the symbols that have common ground across religions. The Hamsa symbol carries a lot of weight in the Middle East as a talisman for protection. It was first used in ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), during a period of idol worship.  When monotheism became popular in the region, Jews, Muslims, and even Christians in the area took the symbol and made it part of the faith. The Jews believed the five fingers in the Hamsa were to remind people to praise G-d with their five senses....

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