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Pomegranates & Rosh Hashana

Hi there! I hope you're enjoying this beautiful season. This is a powerful period of transition, and the pomegranate, who's season starts now, in September, plays a big role.The pomegranate is an important symbol in the Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) celebration, as it represents all the good deeds, fruitfulness, knowledge, learning, and wisdom we want to embody in the coming year.We all look forward to this special time of the year when we can feast on these delicious ruby seedlings. But what makes this fruit even more powerful is the fact that many different cultures and religions treasure its precious rubies,...

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Did You Know Who's Face is on Our Buffalo Nickel Jewelry??

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Did You Know Who's Face is on Our Buffalo Nickel Jewelry??

Our buffalo nickel jewelry is one of our most popular collections because it’s built on a legacy of pride, honor and courage. The US Buffalo nickel, a coin collector’s gem, is graced with the American buffalo on one side, and an awe-inspiring Indian chief. But who is the man that has become so famous for his portrait on the US buffalo nickel? And why is it that his face represents the legacy we can all be inspired by? The Truth Behind the Face of the Buffalo Nickel The iconic Native American portrait on the Buffalo Nickel is not based on...

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A Story With Emphasis

Every person has many storiesThose told to himAnd those he tells himselfIn every story truth changes And in every truth there is also something unreal Angle, lenses and translationDefine reality With blessingsNow bloomingNoa Tam Coin jewelry is jewelry with stories of depth and truth Hot air balloon jewelry, Hot hair balloon pendant, adventure pendant, 

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סמלים צ׳אקרות ומה שבניהם

בדיוק כמו שיש לנו 10 ספירות בקבלה שמתייחסות אל האור האלוהי ואל האור אישי בהתאמה לגוף האדם, כך יש לנו את גם הצ'אקרות בפולקלור המזרח

סיעור מוחות עם מאמנת מבריקה בשם ליאת אהרון, הוליד קשרים מיוחדים בין צ'אקרות ובין מדליונים עם סמלים שיצרתי

את המדליונים עם הסמלים חיברנו אל הצ׳אקרות, כשלכל סמל חיבור שמעצים את הצ׳אקרה עצמה

צ׳אקרת הבסיסעוגן

העוגן בא להזכיר לנו את היכולת להתחבר לשורשים וליצור ביטחון...

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Being Alive Vs. Truly Living

My "Life" Collection of handmade jewelry features the traditional hamsa, with a whole new spin.

The hamsa offers strong protection and represents the hand of The Divine guiding you on life's path.

 The "chai" on the reverse side is a deeply spiritual Hebrew word, which means "life."

Wearing this symbol can bridge the material and spiritual realms, offering you more Divine protection.

This piece also...

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