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The Hamsa Symbol Across Different Cultures

As we start the new year with hopes for peace and unity, it's important to find the symbols that have common ground across religions.

The Hamsa symbol carries a lot of weight in the Middle East as a talisman for protection. It was first used in ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), during a period of idol worship.  When monotheism became popular in the region, Jews, Muslims, and even Christians in the area took the symbol and made it part of the faith. The Jews believed the five fingers in the Hamsa were to remind people to praise G-d with their five senses. The symbol appears in Kabbalistic manuscripts and amulets, doubling as the letter “Shin” that stands for G-d. The Muslims call it “The Hand of Fatima” and believe it’s tied to the feminine energy. Levantine Christians called it the “Virgin Mary’s Hand” and used it for good fortune. It’s powerful protective energy could ward of the “evil eye” (a malicious stare from someone else), and many other negative things.

hamsa ring

My Hamsa designs are different from regular hamsas, which point downward. My pieces display hands face up, imbued with the energy of a high-five. It always reminds me of a shooting hoops -- when you are winning, you are really alive. Our hands have the power to carry out our dreams.

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May you and all your loved ones be protected. Wishing you the most healthy and joyful a 2018!

Noa Tam


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