Mezuzahs and Passover

Hi beautiful friend,

As Passover nears, we start cleaning out our homes. Spring is in the air, and it's time to dust out the corners of our hearts and start fresh. 

The miracle of Passover is focused on the fact that the angel of death passed over our homes, in merit of the lamb's blood that we speared on our mezuzot (doorposts). 

So as we clean out our homes and hearts, it's important to check our doorposts and make sure we're representing our unique role in Jewish heritage with beautiful mezuzahs. 

mezuzahs and passover

I craft all my mezuzahs with unique Israeli coins and intentional symbols that are meant to bring blessings to all who dwell within your home.

Check out my kosher mezuzahs* here!

With blessings for your hearts and homes,
Noa Tam

*Mezuzahs don't include scrolls



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