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Welcome to my world about Noa

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I want to share with you what happens
when the ring and the finger meet.

In our body, fingers are points of energy exchange.

Rings made of energy conducting materials

leave an imprint.

Our need to fill our deficits and strengthen what already exists, is well known.

Each finger has its own character.

Each ring has an energy.

And together they tell us a story.

A ring on the index finger

clarifies our ambition and desire to
reach positions of power and influence.

The longest finger is named middle finger.

A ring on this finger will strengthen our confidence

and give us protection, stability and balance.

We typically wear a wedding band on the ring finger.

A ring on this finger increases our desire

for emotion, satisfaction and finding
a meaningful relationship.

The smallest finger is called pinky.

A ring on this finger

will enhance communication in all aspects of our lives:

self-awareness, self-expression, interpersonal connections and the power of persuasion.

A ring on the thumb, which brings
the fingers together into a fist,

will increase our will power, our degree of tenacity

and our ability to translate words into actions.

Pause for a moment,

close your eyes

and imagine the logic of these statements

and connect to the story’s energy.

And of course,

accept only what feels right to you and makes you smile,

not just because I said it.

After all, everything begins

and ends in our mind, no?

and we are the ones that
give different meanings to things.

With blessings of a new philosophy

Noa Tam.

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I hope my words were of value.

You're welcome to give constructive criticism below.

Thank you.


Noa Tam

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