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Home Blessing Traditions From Around The World

One's home is a special place that holds their energy, hopes, fears and dreams. Moving into a new home represents a new start. People from all over the world have various traditions for blessing their homes. Here is a summary of their different practices:

Hindu Culture:
There is a Hindu tradition to boil milk in pot on high, in a new home. The milk boils over the sides of the pot to signify economic prosperity for the new household. What's left of the milk is offered up to the gods and served to guests with sugar added.

Thai culture blesses the home with a Khuan Ban Mai ceremony, where an odd number of monks are invited into the home to perform a blessing with flowers, candles, and everyday items like soap and toothbrushes. 

Feng Shui:
A space clearing techniques, such as smudging with fragrant herbs or ringing Tibetan bells, removes negative energy while making room for positive chi to enter.

Christian culture:
Many Christians invite  priest to bless their home. The priest will walk from room to room, sprinkling holy water while reciting gospel passages. Some bless homes themselves by praying and marking windows with blessed anointing oil..

Jewish culture:
When Jews move a new home, they affix a mezuzah to each doorway in their new home, and say a blessing. It is also customary to hang a Birkat HaBayit, Hebrew home blessing on a wall of the house.

home blessing - birkat habaying

This blessing for the home helps infuse every corner of your dwelling space with the highest intentions. When peace, love, warmth and tranquility fill your home, your home becomes a sacred space, that invigorates anyone who steps within. It becomes a place to recharge and build your light, so you can shine more powerfully to the world outside.

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