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Veahavta Bracelet

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"Symbols " Bracelet

Symbol:   1-Veahavta (in Hebrew And you shel love) ,2-eye, word(Hebrew), 3-tree, 4-chai( life in Hebrew), 5-house, 6-Amen (Hebrew).


1-And You Shall Love

The word v’ahavta (and you shall love) opens our hearts to the infinite love of the present moment. When we are full of love, it is easier for us to focus on what is good.


2-The eye It is a mirror to the human soul.

It awakens within us, the feeling of empathy and reminds us that every soul has a different beauty and perspective of reality.

Also in some cultures the eye symbolizes protection & guards.




The deep roots and the spreading branches of the tree come to remind us that real and abundant growth comes with investment in a defined space.



The word Chai means "alive" in Hebrew, and helps us fill our days with thoughts and good deeds that make life meaningful!


5-Home-The home connects us to the wonderful feeling of belonging , warmth ,confidence and endless love.


6-The Amen helps us to both imagine and believe with our spiritual eyes in the best results of our efforts. Thus, we bring blessings to our projects and speed their journey.



Setting: 925 Sterling Silver

Weight: 21.21 grams

Size: 8.25" or 21 cm


This bracelet was specifically designed to tell a story and to bless those who wear it.


*If you want to mix-and match or customize a design, or if you need this piece sooner than two weeks, please contact me.


-Noa Tam




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