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US Dime Sterling Silver Coin Ring

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Anchor Horizon Ring

The dime has many symbols: Oak branch, olive branch, and torch.

And Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who always stayed the course.

Though facing many challenges, he stayed true to his mission;

Through every hardship that he faced, he never lost his vision.

We can do the same! When it seems too hard to cope,

Turn your eyes to the HORIZON, remember there is always hope!

Anchor Symbol:

The side of the ring features a ship anchor. When we tap into this symbol we connect to our roots and build trust and stability.

All of my worldwide coin jewelry is infused with good energy and a strong belief that "thoughts become things."

Ring details:

Coin: USA dime
Diameter: 17.91mm / 0.705"
Years used: 1796-present
Symbol: Franklin D. Roosevelt
Setting: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 11 grams / 0.0242 pound

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Each piece of Noa Tam jewelry is handmade and one-of a kind; slight variations are part of each creation’s inherent uniqueness.