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The Birkat Habayit Home Blessing in Hebrew (Copper)

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The Birkat Habayit Home/House Blessing

This blessing for the home helps infuse every corner of your dwelling space with the highest intentions. When peace, love, warmth and tranquility infuse your home, your home becomes a sacred space, that invigorates anyone who steps within. It becomes a place to recharge and build your light, so you can shine more powerfully to the world outside.


Pewter Plated

Height: 5.118" / 13 cm
Width: 5.118" / 13 cm
Weight: 0.57771 pounds / 262 grams

‎‏The Home/House Blessing that written:

In this house there shall be joy and melodies
Fulfillment shall be the portion of all that dwell within
Blessed shall the house be with blessings of heaven
And it will be like a tree planted on streams of water
Love and friendship will connect all
Good words will be spoken
With health, livelihood and abundance
God blesses the residents of the home

Amen. May it be your will.

With love,
Noa Tam