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Sunflower Liberty Coin Necklace - US Half Dollar + US Dime

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“Walking Liberty” Sunflower Necklace

Symbol: Lady Liberty
Coin: US Half Dollar + US Dime
Setting: Sterling Silver
Weight: 55 grams
Minting: 1941

Each piece of Noa Tam jewelry is handmade and one-of a kind; slight variations are part of each creation’s inherent uniqueness.

All of the pieces in Noa Tam's sunflower collection are intricately designed, bringing the coins to life. Dimes mimic the petals of a growing flower and the central coin is surrounded by rays of sunshine.

This piece is awaiting a written description. It is still for sale, though! If purchased, a detailed description will be created for the buyer.

*If you need the piece sooner than two weeks please contact me. -Noa Tam