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Mezuzah with Bright Symbols & Blessings, Bronze - Small (13cm)

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The Mezuzah’s Blessing:

This bronze Mezuzah has the ability to protect inhabitants of a home both when they are inside and outside their dwelling place.The word "Mezuzah" literally means a doorpost. In the story of Passover, the Children of Israel put lamb's blood on their Mezuzahs so that the Angel of Death would skip over their homes. Today, the beautiful Mezuzahs we put on our doorposts distinguish our homes with sacred names and bring blessings and divine protection. 

It all has to do with the power of symbols. The symbols that adorn my Mezuzot are infused with strong intention for light, happiness, success and health. 


Bronze Plated Pewter

Height: 5.118" / 13 cm
Width: 1.024" / 2.6 cm
Weight: 0.211 pounds / 95.64 grams


‎‏The Mezuzah’s Blessing

May this house be blessed with true faith
With a open and happy heart
And with blooming roots


With love,
Noa Tam