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medallion necklace with the Surfer medallion

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An amazing medallion necklace with the Surfer medallion 


Surfer "Medallion" Necklace



This design features the silhouette of a surfer. Tapping into this balanced energy helps us surf through the ups and downs of life with grace!

All of my worldwide coin jewelry is infused with good energy and a strong belief that "thoughts become things."


Pendent details:


Coin:Surfer Medallion 

Diameter: 17 mm / 0.669"

Symbol: Surfer  

Setting: 925 Sterling Silver

Weight: 3.5 grams / 0.0882 pounds


Each piece of Noa Tam jewelry is handmade and one-of a kind; slight variations are part of each creation’s inherent uniqueness. 


*If you want to mix-and match or customize a design, or if you need this piece sooner than two weeks, please contact me.

-Noa Tam




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