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Pendant with old Israeli 1 Agora

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“Guidance” Simply Coined Necklace

On this Israeli coin we find a fancy antique boat,
The Captain and the crew guide it gently as it floats,
Working with the waves, (thank goodness boats are buoyant!)
A lovely escapade when their GUIDANCE is on point.

All of my worldwide coin jewelry is infused with good energy and a strong belief that "thoughts become things." This necklace can help you keep your purest intentions close to your heart as you are divinely GUIDED toward your dreams!

Symbol: Antique Boat
Coin: Israeli 1/2 sheqel
Setting: Mixed Metal
Coin Diameter: 17mm
Weight: 3.25 grams
Minting: 1985-1991

Each piece of Noa Tam jewelry is handmade and one-of a kind; slight variations are part of each creation’s inherent uniqueness.