Will all that we wish come true?!)

Will all that we wish come true?!)

Life is so dynamic and full of changes. Like surfing the ocean’s tides, each passing moment brings new waves, other surfers, and winds that are constantly influencing the flow.

The development of technology and media in the new world has made information much more readily available; ways of thinking that were previously only known to the knowledgeable or educated are now accessible to the masses.

Events occur that are directly connected to the frequencies our brains transmit to the Universe. Our thoughts are essentially telling the Source about our true desires at all times; when that energy is focused and positive, those thoughts are strong and the Universe creates a way to help us achieve those goals.

The world is full of changes that influence the spirit of our wishes. What we wanted so fervently yesterday could be the furthest thing from our minds tomorrow. Sometimes what was clear as day, can later become as uncertain and dark as night.

What if we are each wearing a different pair of “reality glasses”? As the lenses and frames vary from person to person, perspectives are shifting from moment to moment, as we observe life from different angles.

Every given moment brings renewal. What was accurate for us yesterday, the things that brought smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts, may not hold that same vibration tomorrow or the day after. As life evolves, sometimes we lose the connections that we held so dear.

We have the power to pray, to preserve or transform the circumstances in our lives.

Using affirmative, uplifting and motivating words is necessary.

Sometimes a powerful prayer holds us and shakes us from deep inside, as if we want something with our entire being.

However, often time passes, the scenery changes, and what we wanted so badly before is suddenly not right for us anymore.

What are we to do when the skies open and when the flow has changed?
Will all that we wish come true?!)

Noa Tam


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