When the Ring and the Finger Come Together

When the Ring and the Finger Come Together

Fingers are points on our bodies where energy is exchanged.

Rings are made from different metals that superconduct energy. Just as they have been used to create a seal, or to represent the signature of royalty, rings also have the power to leave a powerful stamp inside of us.

We all have different experiences that have created deficits and surpluses in our lives. We try to fill the voids, and also emphasize our strengths.

Each finger has its own character.

Each ring has it own energy.

And together they tell us a story.

Why should this powerful relationship between ring and finger be limited only to the so-called ring finger? Maybe every finger has a unique energy to help us manifest what we want in our lives.

A ring on the index finger can refine our ambition and desire to achieve positions of power and influence.

Wearing a ring on the middle finger, the longest finger on the hand, can strengthen our security while giving us protection, stability and balance.

The next finger, known as the “ring finger” is famous for holding the wedding ring, but any ring on this finger can help us balance our emotions and find satisfaction in a meaningful relationship.

The smallest finger, called the pinky, can enhance the communications of our lives in all its diversity, bringing us greater self-awareness, expression, interpersonal connection, and the power of persuasion.

A ring on the thumb brings the fingers into a fist, thereby increasing our will, our degree of tenacity and our ability to translate words into action.

Stop a moment, close your eyes, imagine the logic of these statements and get connected to this story’s energy. Accept only what makes you smile, because it rings true for you, not just because I said it.

After all, everything begins and ends in our minds and we are the ones that give different meanings to things.

With blessing of a new philosophy

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