Symbols, Chakras and What's Between Them

Just as we have 10 Sefirot (Luminous Emanations) that relate to Divine light as well as personal light, as it corresponds to the human body, so too there are Chakras in Eastern tradition.

My recent brainstorming session with the brilliant coach, Liat Aharon, gave birth to these special connections between the chakras and the symbolic medallions I've created. With these connections, each of the symbols on the medallion enhance the chakra itself.

The Base Chakra: Anchor

The anchor comes to remind us of our ability to connect to our roots and to create security and stability in our lives.

 Sexual Chakra: Clover

The clover comes to connect us to the creation and growth that come from passion.
Solar Plexus Chakra: Wheel

The wheel indicates our ability to route a way through life, each time renewed.

Heart Chakra: The Star of David

The Star of David awakes the relation between man and his God, is the balance between the two worlds: the physical and spiritual, and gives us protection

Throat Chakra: Tremble Clef

The Treble Clef helps us express our inner voices and sing a unique melody.

Third Eye Chakra: Flight

The flight symbol shows us how to tap into our ability to be both introspective and view things from a spatial perspective.  

Crown Chakra: Thanksgiving Meditation

The thanksgiving meditation illuminates our connection to the frequency of endless love.

We delved deeper added two other symbols to help fulfill our intention.

Open Heart symbol:

The open heart expands our hearts' ability to give and receive to ourselves and others. It is only with an open heart that we are able to receive, heal, and balance our chakras.

Amen symbol:

When we bless something, the Gates of Heaven open up to try to answer our prayers. The Amen helps us to believe in and imagine the final results of our labors wit spiritual eyes, and congratulate them.


These last 2 symbols strengthen the power of the other symbols and also empower the connections between them. When we connect to the Chakras and their power, we can balance them and live a life of harmony and deep meaning.

Wishing you 
Symbols  that open
And chakras that balanced with a smile

- Noa Tam
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