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"Musings of my heart"

"Musings of my heart"

“All is foreseen, and freedom of choice is granted.” This widely discussed philosophical statement has occupied scholars from all over the world for centuries. Attributed to one of the greatest sages of all time, Rabi Akiva, and taken from Pirkey Avot, 3:15, this seemingly simple adage proclaims far more content than can be captured in a single outline. Due to its complex interpretations and the scope of this article, I would only like to intrigue you by presenting my own take on this saying. Simply, I ask, does one have control over his/her set of beliefs and destiny in the world? Does anyone truly have the ability to control or change his/her fortune? Who holds the power that actually dictates our decisions and our future? Is there a greater power somewhere that has everything planned and arranged for each and every one of us?

During my travels throughout the world, I have always contemplated these questions. I have created guidelines for myself that guide me in my life’s journey, provide me with strength, and lead me to my own fulfillment. No matter where I travel, or what I encounter, I ask the universe for the following three things: To help me attract good people to accompany me along my journey, to guide me with a burning torch that will always illuminate my way, and to grant me the power and wisdom to understand the signs that the universe sends me.

I have visited many countries that were fundamentally different from one another. Each place presented different colors, cultures and people with unique “flavors”,traditions and religions. Each place presented different opportunities. Through my travels, I was presented great challenges, and facing them led me to my own realizations that I would like to share with you.

A turning point came in 2009; after many prayers, many days of simply wandering and experimenting, and many months of travel, I finally realized my own dream. Only God, the universe, and the ones closest to me know how difficult this dream was for me in its incipient stages. There were times when I almost gave up completely, when I felt as if I was drowning, but I never lost hope. The words of author, Paulo Coelho, “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream,” always echoed in my head and were my inspiration. In 2009 I realized that what I wanted to do most was create jewelry from coins that I’ve collected along my journeys around the world, and I believed that the universe would conspire to help me make this dream come true.

This is one of the few things I’ve explored and experimented with that has continued to excite me more and more each day. Unlike some of my other interests, my passion for world coins has never faded. I feel in love with these intricate, decorated circular pieces of metal and decided to turn them into jewelry that can be worn and adored by many. Since the first coins were minted by the King of Lydia around the year, 640 BC, they have held such great power. You can trade them, use them in exchange for goods, and their value changes from moment to moment. Coins are full of endless stories; touching on so many subjects that exist in the human world, they combine amazing art with political history, human dreams, landscapes, animals and more.

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said that a person does not enter the same river twice. During the second entry, the river has already changed. It might be the same water from the first entry, but not exactly the same drops of water. The person changes as well; this person is very similar to the person who entered the first time, but something has changed in both body and mind. When I look at my coins, I see each of them as something new and different, and I see myself evolve as a person as I continue working with them. Every time I work with coins I get excited. I get excited about the possibility that this coin could end up on someone’s neck, ear or finger. It simply thrills me and I’m thankful for my discovery and the realization of my dream.

I think that everything in our universe contains a certain kind of energy—both the energy that we commonly associate with the physical world as well as an energy that transcends beyond the realm of science. I believe that coins carry a powerful, unique energy. Due to their nature, the way they are exchanged, their essence as a valuable global trading instrument, and their metallic composition, they possess a certain energy that passes through them endlessly, striving to reach equilibrium. Combined, the physical and metaphysical energies are without a doubt the great powers that will shake and dictate the world orders that are presumably held within the opening phrase of “all is foreseen, and freedom of choice is granted.”

Yours Truly,
Noa Tam

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