Metallic Cosmic Energy

Energy is my word.

Spirit, matter, and what’s between them.

Originally it’s a Greek word meaning action.

The dictionary defines energy as the strength, vitality or hidden power in a person or thing.

Einstein is the one who discovered the connection between matter and energy. 
E = mc²

So, material can be converted into energy, energy can be converted into matter and both start dancing together to shape our universe. 

The material is the physical thing, and the energy is the force behind the matter.

All matter in the universe has some energy.

All bodies with temperatures higher than absolute zero (273°C) have heat energy.

Many forms of energy can be measured; the energy of light, heat, motion, electricity, chemical, nuclear and more. 

Even at the microscopic level energy can be measured. 
More temperature means more speed and motion. 

If I touch someone’s hand, his hand will get warmer from mine. So an energy transfer occurs; part of the energy in his body moves to my hand and warms it. 

Another microscopic, and even more spiritual, form of energy is in water molecules.

Scientific experiments have shown that the pattern and structure of water molecules are physically affected by the energy they receive (positive or negative) from the environment. 

In fact, the water has memory.

Several scientific experiments verify this. 

Plants grow better after getting water that received positive energy.

Holy water, that has been blessed, has successfully created miracles and wonders. 

And more.

My logical assumption is that something similar also exists in solids, and in particular in coins. 

Coins are solid. 

And so, coins have energetic memory. Like a black box in an airplane that records everywhere the plane has been, the coins record and remember all of the energies they have come in contact with. 

We all have intuitive insight and the ability to feel without seeing.

Sometimes we are attracted to (or repelled by) something for no visible reason. 

Stories along the way have left a hidden, magical mark. 

Correct readings fulfill and strengthen.

This is what happens to me and everyone who comes in contact with my coin jewelry. 

The perspective of the energy changes.

Can you feel it? ;)

Noa Tam

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