Love Themed Jewelry

Hi lovers of life and all it's magic! Valentine's Day is just around the corner...

I love love: the beauty, care and deep connection that comes from two souls fusing together and sharing deep passion.

Many of my jewelry pieces and collections celebrate love.

"The Couple" collection features 
 the silhouette of a couple. Tapping into this energy of partnership can help us achieve our dreams, because with love anything is possible. 

love jewelry - the couple

"Sharing" Collection 

The "Sharing" Collection. The couple and the umbrella teach us a simple truth: life is better when we help one another. A famous Hebrew song tells the story of two people caught in a storm under one umbrella. What luck! They have more fun skipping through the puddles together than they would have had alone. Life is more beautiful when we share it!

love jewelry sharing

Open Heart

For all who are looking for love, this collection is for you. The universe has so much to offer - if your heart is open to it. This unique, sterling silver ring will help you open your heart and be open to the best things life has to offer.

love jewelry - open heart

In honor of V-day, I'm offering 10% all my products! Upon check out, insert code "LOVE". The sale code is valid from Jan 30th - Feb 14th. 

May you find love in every aspect of your lives!

Noa Tam

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