Happiness Cake Recipe

Happiness Cake Recipe

To know what you want is 75% of getting it. 

Most people do not know what their souls really crave.  What are the true ingredients of their happiness cake? 

Awareness is the baking mold-)

If we don’t know what will make our hearts go out and dance on the dance floor, how can we invite those things into the party of our life?

Faith and passion, in my eyes, are the main ingredients of a happy, full and lush life.

No matter with faith we have in our hearts, as long as it exists, is gives food to our soul and gives our life meaning. 

Passion is the spice in the recipe. That is to say, it makes our lives rich and colorful, and bottom line, more tasty. 

There are times when we lower the heat and sometimes, without realizing we turn it off completely. 

Awareness, desire and perseverance will help to reignite the fire.

What do you think?

Noa Tam

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