Energetic Connections

I wish I could stay constantly connected with all of the people that pass my way and touch my heart. I wish I could blink my eyes or click my heels and transport to any place in a single moment.
If I had all the time in the world to read what really intrigues me, I’m sure I would be a bona fide book worm.

So many questions bounce around my head, competing with one other. I often wonder, which ones are the most important and which ones will take the leap?

What’s up with time? How can I define it? Is time limited?

These questions continue bouncing in my brain and so I look for answers. I read and learn that the perception of time passing depends on the observation of changes happening.

This phenomenon involves two important things: the person viewing the changes, and the actual changes that are taking place.

Time is a reflection of the rhythm of life and our time here is finite. Every single moment is worth more than gold. It’s literally priceless.

And so more questions continue to jump in my mind. What’s the story with energy? Is it also limited?

So I continue to study. I learn that energy is a scalar physical quantity, which indicates the amount of work that can be done by force. Energy is infinite and changing constantly. 

Here is a fact to make you smile:
The law of conservation of energy states that energy is not created or destroyed: it merely changes shape from one energy type to another.

Many types of energy reserves exist. It’s our responsibility to find what works for each of us. How are we going to renew our strength? When are we going to stop and relax? What will help us breath more deeply?  Which things should we stick with? And for how long? More importantly, when are we going to release and move on?

Prioritizing and distributing our energy allows us to use our potential so that we can fill, be filled, and be more productive.

In today’s world, we have learned to increase energy exchange without physical contact. More and 
more friendships and businesses are growing through “screens”. The necessity for in-person meetings decreases, but the quality does not decrease; it merely changes shape. Huge advantages come from this screen world, because it bridges geographical distance.

I remember scouring the book “Every Question Answered!” when I was a child. After reading every page I realized so many of my questions were still unanswered. Today, I understand that my 
knowledge is only a few drops in the vast ocean of knowledge that exists.

It is amazing how quickly I can get answers to my questions now, with just a few clicks of a button, through one type of screen or another. It still blows my mind how I can discover something on Google or Wikipedia with such little effort. You don’t have to work very hard to learn, you just need to want it.

This is my study, my self-proclaimed doctorate, and my dissertation is on the world of coins.

Yours truly,
dizzy from discovery,
Noa Tam

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